Tips That Make You Look Slimmer Than You Are

Today I would talk about how to look skinny even if you not. It’s a common habit, every man wants to look more skinny than they are, they want to look good in clothes and feel confident in them without having a big belly protruding. However the obvious answer to looking skinny and gaining more confidence in your appearance is to hit the gym, unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. So what are the other options to look decent, clean and confident in your outfit?


Rule 1- Fittings: Wear clothes that fit. Most men tend to wear super skinny clothes, If your clothes are too tight, you would definitely look a lot bigger. Have a little room for space in your shirt and pants.

Rule 2- Layers: Layers are your best friend trust me. If you can get like a bigger jacket in winter, this drops over your fat belly and it hides it off, also the use of the vest, sweater really help when you having your shirt tucked in. The layers help even the body size out.


Rule 3- Colors: Colors are very essential, they generally affect how big you look in your outfit. Personally, for me and not much of a big guy, so I try to tone down my colors a bit. So lighter colors make you look bigger and dark colors make you look slimmer. Colors like dark blue, black, burgundy help make you look slimmer.