I’m terribly afraid of heights.
Would you believe me?
Seated at the very edge of a cliff,
As my legs dangle in nothingness,
I can’t help but to think,
Even with all of my life’s calamities tugging and pulling at me…
For but an ounce of my attention,
How must it feel…
To have your heart beat rapidly
And then suddenly;
The wind whistled a melody
As my mind tried to learn the tune that my heart already knew
And instead of trying to familiarize myself with the keys,
My soul swept through my memories
Searching for a drop of what once
Was an ocean of feeling, a beautiful feeling
That sang this song;
After what seemed like hours of searching, I reached a resolution;
I’ve been so comfortable in my misery that my soul and body probably lost every memory of what used to be,
Every lit path of the journey that brought me here.
Surrendering to the force behind me,
I tilt my head forward…
and in the midst of my body submissively responding
I find myself in stagnation…
As a sudden warmth glazes my forehead,
Gradually kissing the rest of my
face until it hits my chest.
I look up,
Trying to find the enmity coming between me and finally finding peace.
This bit of power, however,
Eventually turns to powder,
As what was a gentle warmth,
Now stronger,
Quickly overpowers every cold corner

In my chamber

And I remember.