Redefined Ways of a Yoruba Demon

So I have heard so many gists and stories about Yoruba guys aka Yoruba Demons,  many write ups on guidelines to be a Yoruba Demon, Starter pack of how to become a Yoruba Demon, Evolution of Yoruba Demons and many more. The term just seems over explored, misinterpreted and mistreated. Yoruba men are the sweetest you could ever meet, trust me as a Yoruba guy, we know how to love our women, treat them right and  buy expensive items for them. We are full of respect and well-organized, and mostly well-educated (thats for sure).

So today I’m going to tell y’all a right description of a Yoruba Demon you don’t know.

  1. Yoruba Demons loves their anco (uniform clothes for social occasions like weddings), usually Agbada attire. This is a complete dress wear from men in Yoruba land, with  an exclusive design pattern or embroideries to shut down any event (trust me)
  2. We love to party (oshe) Owanbe movement is one of their special attributes, they shutdown parties with swag and style
  3. Mostly move in a group (the more the merrier). Awon Omo baba olowo (son of rich fathers)
  4. They mostly have flashy cars (they drive the best and classy rides like Mercedes-Benz)
  5. Use the most expensive phones (iPhone 7 gang)
  6. Love wearing Dark sunglasses
  7. The always smell good (they use the best of perfumes)
  8. They smile a lot
  9. They are loving, charming and honest
  10.  They are young and clean with an imposing charisma