Oscar 2015 (Best and Worst Dressed Men)


The 87th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, honored the best films of 2014 and took place on February 22, 2015, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

So I decided to do an overview of men best and worst looks at the Oscar Awards

Best Dressed (MEN)

Eddie Redmayne, stepped out in Alexander McQueen in a Navy blue looks sharp, perfect shoes to goo with the tux, he topped it with winning the Actor Leading Role for The Theory of  Everything one of my favorite movie for the year.

Chris Pine in Giorgio Armani, perfect Zegna tux love the look just a little adjust on the pant length and it would have been an A – game outfit for me, anyways he nailed it.

Channing Tatum in  Dolce & Gabanna, a total A-game for me pocket-square, pant-length, and the shining shoes. Great tux in total.

Neil Patrick Harris, the host for the night stunned with a light grey tuxedo,with a cute little bow-tie.

David Oyelowo,  stunned the red carpet in Dolce & Gabbana 3-piece suit. Love it

John Legend, in Gucci tux, simple,clean with a perfect pair of shinning shoes.

Worst Dressed (MEN)

Jared Leto, in Gievnchy powder blue suit and a white shoe. The overall look with the hair and beard and the suit just did not suit his style. A good suit for a summer look though

John Travolta, the country & western singer-cum-gangster. The all black outfit and a neck chain did not go for me

JK Simmons, thought  a hat adds up that distinctive spice to a oufit, but this got all wrong with Jk the hat looked bad for me and pant length too long also.But guess what he won an OSCAR so who cares.

 A big fan of will.i.am outfit for a regular outfit with friends, but sorry this does not work out for me as an OSCAR outfit , too shallow, too thick for a pant roll-up.

John Stamos, stepped out looking like he borrowed his grandfather’s tux, too big, pants too loose and long. Bad outfit in total.

Pictures: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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  • Meryl Dorsey

    A suit is a suit is a suit (or tux whatever -__-) Every man still wears the same old boring sexless tuxedo that they’ve been wearing since Queen Victoria was on the throne while women can wear any design that the human mind can conceive. Menswear is just depressing 🙁

    • Well i agree with you menwears are just basic suit(tux) while women are more versatile in outfit. But still the suit speaks alot for men, you cannot put on a streetwear attire for an award cermony or a printed t-shirt. Women wear gown just with deifferent patterns and deisgns. I feel menstyle us actually not boring as u said. Its all about creativity and matching the right pattern and color.

      • Meryl Dorsey

        I know it’s a losing battle and nothing will change unless society itself changes and we all know how easy that is -__-

        ‘Streetwear’ is such a broad term and a printed t-shirt is not the only other option for a tux. Also for me there are no rules – matching colours/patterns is beyond boring. I don’t think you’ll like it but here enjoy this thread 🙂 – http://www.justusboys.com/forum/threads/422937-An-outfit-a-day

        • Well i agree with you, we should encourage new creative ideas to menstyle. Thanks for your clear insight about mens fashion. Creativity is the key to fashion

  • Meryl Dorsey

    Also you’re Worst Dressed would be my best dressed by default as they have at least – within the constipated state of menswear – some individuality than the sheep in the Best Dressed category.

    • The worst dress category simply define dress according to the occasion and what fits you. Not a big oversized and colors that do not match your sick tone or fascial look in general. The outfit might be great but does’nt suit you. Mens fashion is all about combining the right piece since everyone basically wears the same suit.

      • Meryl Dorsey

        My problem is that whatever occasion menswear is always going to be restricted. I think people should encourage those who experiment rather than those who conform to century old rules.

  • Great post! My favourite was definitely David Oyelowo’s red three-piece followed by Eddie Redmayne’s Alexander McQueen. Years ago the Oscar fashions were all about the woman – now a lot of people are more interested in what the men will be wearing. I think its great!

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    • Thanks man, i agree with you mens fashion should also be highly recognized at the Oscar awards