Mix Match African Print

 I was first exposed to African prints and fashion as a teen from my mother who at a time sold fabrics and tailoring accessories in Nigeria. I recall  going out many times  with her to EKO (a popular shopping district in Lagos), she picks up different prints, fabrics, and patterns. It was so fascinating to me as a young kid growing up.

Back to 2012, when I started blogging all I had in mind was to portray African prints in any possible way I could, not limited to the stereotype Buba and Sokoto (shirt and trouser) in the menswear styling. Fashion to me was not just about style or brands, it was more like a personal vibe within and how best the vibe  could be expressed to the exterior presentation.

While pulling off this look, I always had it in mind that mixing African print could also become a trend some day. So for my outfit, I decided to go for a polished dry lace and paired it with Ankara printed pant. The Dry Lace was styled to fit as a short sleeve Buba. To complement my look I went for a native cap in deep blue color and trendy all white sneakers/plim sol from Zara. The look was very refreshing, quite different from the norm, but trust me you would get lost of compliments. The looks are best worn with a white buba (preferable) and any printed pant of choice.