Its My Birthday

So today I turn 26, I feel great and way too excited. In generalĀ  I am highly grateful to God for pushing me through the hard and rough time I have faced in life, I’m THANKFUL.

I noticed some bloggers then to showcase things about themselves on their birthdays, so today I would be dishing out 26 facts about me that you might not know.

  1. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and I’m from Ogun state. I presently live in North Cyprus
  2. I’m a PhD.D. student of Architecture
  3. I have a personal blog (Arct5000), where I showcase inspirational men-style, photography, and many more lifestyle stuff
  4. Am presently an assistant lecturer at my university
  5. I love buying clothes a lot, and a thing for good classy shoes (Oxford)
  6. I love to cook and bake (pretty good at it)
  7. Traveling, art, music, chatting and socializing are my favorite acts
  8. I talk a lot, mind you but the quietest person in the room full of strangers, and the easiest going person when I meet you for the first time (friendly to the core)
  9. Am a very shy guy
  10. I love my religion (Islam) so much, quite religious
  11. Plan to get married 2-3 years from now when I meet the lucky person
  12. I don’t have a favorite food
  13. I love wearing hats and glasses (all types)
  14. I really wanna start a bespoke tailoring outfit, strictly on suits and dress shirts. My love for suits are beyond imagination, mostly full or half canvas handmade suits
  15. I love wearing handmade products (80% of my shoes,70% of my suits are handmade)
  16. I listen to all types of music (rock, alternative, r&b, pop, afrobeat, hip pop, and much more)
  17. I play the trumpet( its been three years ago since I last did tho)
  18. I can sing too
  19. I kinda eat a lot sometimes
  20. I love my family so much
  21. Am the 10th from 12 children my dad got, and 2nd from my mom (we only two anyways)
  22. Blue is my favorite color
  23. I act too (drama back in high school and a short movie recently)
  24. I love to pray a lot, help people, very polite and a semi-jealous type
  25. I wish I had full beards (coming soon in years time I guess)
  26. Am ME