Dressing to Dine: Casual

You have quite recently reserved a spot with the restaurant you had always wanted to go. It will be a celebratory occasion for you and your guest (lover), and as you enable your brain to expect the mentally animating and zapping discussion you will be leading over a rich glass of vintage wine (if you drink). You realize that you have no clue what to wear.  One of the easiest ways to go about dressing for such an occasion is to go causal but yet stylish.

To characterizing casual outfit, it might be less demanding to compare it with what is considered as dresser qualities. Light colors, particularly bold or patterns, are considered as more casual than darks and blacks ones; and keeping in mind that collared shirts are standard for most fine diners, collarless shirts are only acceptable when casual wear is recommended. Rough fabrics, like, linen and canvas can bring an outfit down a few pegs, while leather shoes and smooth fabrics will take an outfit up a few.

For my outfit, I decided to go with a blend of clear jeans and a blue collared shirt, paired with a double-breasted white blazer, and to add a little spice I went for a gray pork pie hat and a leather penny loafers. Featured the queen on this one @donttouchrylie