Difference Between EDC, EDT EDP and Perfume

Personally am not a perfume person, however recently I learned a lot about perfumes and its categories through a friend of mine (she’s a perfume freak, I must say) so I decided to share tips and how well to go about buying perfumes with you guys. Diving straight into the subject of the day, I know most people using perfumes are relatively ignorant about the group their perfumes belong to, we all just buy perfumes based on the brand or when perceived the smell from a friend and we decide to go for it.

Would be listing four major categories of perfumes for you guys. This is pretty simple, perfumes created are defined by the level of raw material concentration in them. The more the concentration in the perfume the longer its last on your skin.  Therefore there are different categories of concentration, we have the EDC, EDT, EDP, and perfume. Also, the persistence of a fragrance on your skin is also directly influenced by its ingredients: some of them, like sweet ingredients, for instance, will naturally make the perfume last longer on your skin.

EDC- Eau De Cologne is a light scent, generally simple for men and women, that we wear in summer or sport. Frequently alluded to just as Cologne and has the best dilution of scents with a 3-5% centralization of fragrance embodiment. It generally goes on for 2 hours. EDC’s are often made of citrus natural products, which clarify the tonic side of the scents that have a place with the citrus olfactory family.

EDT- Eau De Toilette is more concentrated than EDC with a 4-8% centralization of the substance, and commonly found in perfumeries. Its light wake remains on your skin for a large portion of a day. While it shifts from skin to skin and depends obviously on the amount of fragrance showered.

EDP – Eau De Parfum has more concentrated raw materials and therefore more precious than the EDT with an 8-15% concentration, but still, has long lasting characteristics. It is less expensive than pure perfume, it is perfect for your daily life. It will stick to your skin almost a day, and be noteworthy by its delicacy.

Perfume – Perfume (also called extract, or pure perfume and perfume essence) It is more powerful and subtle, it is the most grounded scent accessible, comprises of a 15-30% concentration of perfume essence. They are mostly OUD’s. This implies do you have to use less, as well as that the scent keeps going longer, normally for up to 6 hours contingent upon skin sort, and a couple of drops are enough to make you wonderful and appealing for remarkable nights.

For my next post would be discussing more on OUD brand of perfumes.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.