ARCT5000 Takes Las Vegas – Experiences, Wedding and Entertainment

As the saying goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. I could not deny that Las Vegas was fun and I had awesome experience throughout my stay there.

Preceding my trip to America, my brother had already received a wedding invite in Vegas from his girlfriend’s friend. I was excited to hear about the invite, because I have always wanted to visit the purported home of partying and casinos. Unfortunately, my trip to Las Vegas was the same period that Floyd Mayweather versus Conor Mcgregor had their fight, I could not go watch the fight because, I did not have enough money for the ticket. I knew the fight was going to be so much fun all through.

On getting to Las Vegas, we stopped at the WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS sign to take pictures. After we left there, we headed to the hotel to unwind and to get ready for the night.

We drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It was a 4 hrs drive in the rankling sun, Las Vegas was very hot and beautiful.

We had already booked some tickets to go see a magic performance at a hotel, the performance was delightful and dazzling. This was my first time seeing a Magic execution live, it was so genuine, I could not believe my eyes; the magician turned a bathroom tissue cut into a rose blossom frame; he also had a cash starched in a bag for a while and later the same cash found in a self-spliced orange. My friends on snapchat could enjoy all the magic performance, because I made sure I uploaded every scene of the event. To be part of this fun, I urge that you add me up on snapchat (@richndfamos).

It would be a transgression coming to Las Vegas without going to a Casino. However, I did not gamble but it was fun watching people gamble with one another. Besides going to the casino, I kept myself occupied by meandering the Strip to keep myself engaged. The strip was one wonderful scene, with many hues, light, and life. At long last, the party time goes timing, we already hunted down a cool spot where an Afro beat were going to be played, too bad that I could not manage the trap music vibe.

The morning after was very refreshing, I began to plan for my first Trinidad and Tobago wedding event. The event was calm and stunning, seeing all the Caribbean vibes noticeable all around was mind-blowing, I completely moved my butt off to the beat all through the wedding event. I have real love for my Caribbean family and their dazzling women.

By the time, I got back to the hotel, I was worn out and depleted. I took a long and restful nap. I woke up to a delicious American meal. Oh, did I mention earlier that the breakfast served at the hotel was delicious. After having my delicious breakfast, I embarked on my journey back to Los Angeles. Las Vegas was fun, and certainly a place I cannot forget in a hurry. I would love to come back to Las Vegas again.