Jubril Atanda, Author & Creative Director

ARCT5000 Founded by Jubril Atanda in 2014, an architect with a view in fashion, a Nigerian based in Northern Cyprus and now a PhD student at Cyprus International University

With his view of creativity and simplicity in architecture, he derived joy in making his outfit genuine and distinctive like any architectural building should, speaking for itself without any formal introduction.

Through years of growing up in Nigeria with a few privileged opportunities of visiting places and cities, style to him became a thing of creativity and honesty.

Have being fashion conscious since his undergraduate days, he grew gradually and  got  inspired by great  fashion icons through instagram in 2012, and he decided to become part of the trend.
Starting this blog  Arct5000 gave him the opportunity to showcase his sense of creativity as a stylist.

He aspire to become a great stylist,  and hopes to inspire you all.

Daisuke Matsumoto, Photographer& Graphic Designer

Daisuke Matsumoto is a graphic designer originally from Ishikawa, Japan. Aside from being a graphic designer whose works mainly deal with the field of digital design, he has been an enthusiastic street photographer since his early age. In 2014 he has started working as a fashion photographer for arct5000 in collaboration with his friend and colleague Jubril Atanda.